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Finding and capturing trading opportunities in commodities markets. Artificial Intelligence generated trade signals and strategy testing.


The project is to provide Machine Learning generated lead price indicators for traders of global commodity markets These will be in the sectors of Energy (gas, power, coal, oil products etc), Metals (Iron, steel, precious metals) , agriculture (coffee, cotton, sugar, soya etc) and even currencies. In our core area of gas and power in UK/NW Europe we have achieved initial results in our feasibility testing of around 55%-60% success which is considered to be very encouraging. Further, we will apply ML to main market fundamentals. Investigations will start here and expand to other commodities (US Gas, Coal etc) and then to the other Sectors (Metals, Ags etc). In terms of EU indicators: -Applying a new type of analysis to the traded commodity markets -The minimum viable product is that we succeed in our niche area of gas and power in UK / NWE generating 10 mill NOK/a. -It is a ‘disruptive technology’ in that it brings a new approach of ML application -The potential is massive as USA gas is a massive market, as are crude oil and currencies. -Our team has experience, reputation and a track record. We established and grew Eclipse Energy Group to a 300million NOK company which dominated European gas and power analysis and was bought by Platts/S&P Global in 2014. We have commodity, energy and IT/ML skills to succeed. -We have an agreement with EdFT (Letter or Intent with EdF Trading) in London to operate as a Pilot Customer. We have equity investors (negotiating shareholder agreement for a 10% investor). -The growth potential is high, there several scenarios under which explosive growth could be achieved within 3 years. -The time to market will be relatively short (1-2 years max) depending on the funds we can generate to employ staff. -In addition, first mover advantage is very important meaning the company will have to grow quickly to and dominate the ML/Commodities area and in order to succeed.

Project leader: Robert Minsaas

Started: 2021

Ends: 2022

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 74999

Institution: VEGA INSIGHT AS

Address: NA