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GEOvisual: virtual museum within the European geological heritage


The project is developing inside the H2020 call: CULT COOP 08 2016. It aims at the identification and integration of multifunctional digital technologies to be used in the European Geo-paleontological Heritage. The Project challenges the adaptation of emerging technologies demonstrated in relevant environment to be functional and flight proven through successful operations, and to be used together with validated and demonstrated technologies. The main objective of the GEOvisual is to enable the utilization of digital technologies in Geo-paleontological and Natural Spaces, Museums and Monumental Areas, providing these technologies in an easy way without requiring knowledge in software development or other computer skills, facilitating the use by graphic designers and audiovisual media creators, and enabling the participation of people in charge of the exploitation and maintenance of these spaces.At the same time, the Project should provide with an exceptional tool for training and school purposes in the transmission of cultural, natural and historic wealth. The project integrates different technologies based on augmented and virtual vision, virtual movies, indoor and outdoor positioning, projection mapping and new sensorial devices. The project considers the integration and development of artificial intelligence techniques and gamification solutions addressed to specific users as young people, families, elder, disabled, etc.Technologies addressed to enable the access to digital technologies of the disabled have been also considered.The project's main result is defined by a complete equipment that includes all selected technologies which should enable the design of digital media in Museums, Monumental Areas, Natural Spaces, Schools, or wherever digital development could be of interest.

Project leader: Sara Gentilini

Started: 2015

Ends: 2016

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 70000


Address: Eigersund