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Interplay of AI, Robotics & Data Innovations as Enabler of Circular Economy across Textile & Apparel Value Chains towards Sustainability


AIRDICES project activities aims at designing, developing, and demonstrating the interplay of emerging enabling technologies (AI, Robotics & Data Innovations) towards efficient and strategic design of the whole circular value chain from resource optimisation, minimisation, waste collection, until the new marketable feedstock (recycling & upcycling) for textile and sports apparel industries, and in which the business opportunities are also evaluated in terms of their social, technical, economic, environmental, legislative and pathway for the Green Deal. Activities involved as part of the PES project: • Mapping: Create an overview of national start-ups, SMEs, large enterprises academia and research organizations in textile and apparel industries with relevant concepts and projects (in collaboration with other milieus/sectors) to define the circular and sustainable opportunities. • Case studies: With selected companies/prospective partners to identify needs and innovation hurdles for implementation of circular value chain across textile and sports apparel industries. • Concept development: Development of the main project proposal structure, support and services, funding models, roles and responsibilities, synergies with other projects and structures like public initiatives, infrastructures and intranational initiatives

Project leader: Gupta Udatha

Started: 2021

Ends: 2022

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 499998

Institution: NF&TA AS

Address: NA