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INtroducing personalized TReatment Of Mental health problems using Adaptive Technology


Mental health problems are a major public health concern worldwide. New technologies represent huge opportunities for innovations in the field of mental health. The vision of "INtroducing personalized TReatment Of Mental health problems using Adaptive Technology" (INTROMAT) is to improve public mental health with innovative ICT. The main objective for INTROMAT is to increase access to and quality of mental health services by developing a scalable and flexible infrastructure with engaging and adaptive interfaces that can be integrated with existing systems. The system will allow use across individuals, mental health problems and clinical settings, with a documented impact on health. INTROMAT will address critical challenges through following objectives: (1) Establish user involvement in treatment development with the help-seekers, patients, relatives, health personnel, policy makers and health services; (2) Develop monitoring and support systems with continuous adaptive guidance, based on input from wearables and smartphone carried by the user; (3) Develop innovative treatment modules that can be used across problems and contexts; (4) Develop the premises for an architecture supporting a flexible and modular core clinical process that can be integrated in the health services; (5) Document the feasibility, validity and clinical efficacy of the treatment technologies; (6) Develop and validate a work-process from clinical needs to clinically tested interventions; (7) Fulfil the innovation potential for industry and the health services transferred to other areas of healthcare. INTROMAT will progress state- of-the-art within machine learning, mobile technology, multimedia technology, system modelling, interaction design and psychology. The results of INTROMAT are expected to increase access to evidence-based mental health services, increase digital collaboration between the health services, and increase uptake and use of treatment technologies in the health services

Project leader: Tine Nordgreen

Started: 2016

Ends: 2021

Category: Ukjent

Sector: Annet

Budget: 48949000

Institution: Ingen

Address: NA