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Automated retinal scans for early detection of diabetic eye diseases through use of artificial intelligence


Oivi provides affordable eye care for all and prevent unnecessary blindness by providing a low-cost camera for retinal (fundus) photography, with fully automated image capture and diagnostics. Oivi is a point-of-care device for eye screening of diabetic retinopathy (DR). DR affects >160 M people worldwide and is the most common cause of blindness among working-age adults. Yet, early detection can successfully prevent vision-loss in 95% of the cases. Current solutions for DR screening are expensive and require extensive training that limits accessibility to patients, especially in developing countries. Oivi is a unique combination of automated, easy-to-use, affordable and integrated Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence solutions (for image capturing and DR diagnostic) in a highly portable design. Within the iScan project, we want to mature the device and its diagnostic functionalities, to clinically validate our solution and to assure regulatory approvals. The EIC Accelerator program provides a unique opportunity for Oivi to showcase the potential of its technology and gain market knowledge/awareness that will ultimately lead to acceptance by end-users. The completion of the project objectives is important for ensuring a successful entrance to the market and commercialization of our breakthrough solution for the screening and early detection of diabetic retinopathy.

Project leader: Anders Eikenes

Started: 2022

Ends: 2022

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 74999

Institution: OIVI AS

Address: NA