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Filtering techniques and numerical solutions related to image enhancement and automatized geological interpretation of seismic data


The proposed doctoral work will focus on imaging techniques in geoscience, and how images of the subsurface can be enhanced through digital filtering and image processing. With this, the aim is to improve and automatize how the earth's interior is interpreted. The candidate will conduct research on use of numerical methods for optimization of the filter algorithms. The motivation and overall goal is to develop automatic/semi-automatic interpretive techniques for seismic data. Attention will be especially directed to the classification and interpretation of structural trends and stratigraphic sequences. Case studies with data from Lundin Norway AS, acquired in the southwest Barents Sea, will be implemented with the thesis work. Imaging techniques that are similar to the geophysical reflection seismology (such as X-ray surveys, MR- and CAT-scans and echo sounding) are being used in different industries and image processing techniques used in other disciplinary fields will be exploited in this work. Such techniques are e.g. the non-local means algorithm for image de-noising, used in the medical industry today. Other examples such as face recognition techniques can also be mentioned. Thus, the candidate will benefit from techniques and knowledge related to other research fields, and will conduct new research that is valuable in other industries where image processing is relevant.

Project leader: Lyudmyla Vynnytska

Started: 2016

Ends: 2019

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1660293

Institution: KALKULO AS

Address: Oslo