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Fast Development of new Automated Manufacturing Processes through digital integration and testing


The project aims to achieve much faster development of new automated manufacturing processes through digital integration and testing. Digital simulation and virtual testing, verification and validation enable rapid and cost-effective learning cycles, and will provide the basis for a physical production process that is right the first time. Working methods and software systems that truly integrate both product and production process development will support and improve the cooperation between different organisation departments that work on the same product, but often in separate, consecutive phases. The production pattern of Rolls-Royce Marine is engineering-to-order, low-volume, often project based. Product and variant specific operations may be performed only once or a few times, hence such new and automated manufacturing processes have to be developed at a minimum cost, and as automated as possible. The anticipated result of the project is to greatly reduce the time and cost involved in production process development, starting with a digital product model, and ending with a verified and proven automated production process. The outcome will include automatic programming of virtual production processes from digital product models; automatic programming of production processes on manufacturing equipment; and automatic data capture and analysis for physical product and production process verification. Rolls-Royce expects greatly reduced costs in its innovation and manufacturing development processes, shorter product innovation lead time and faster time-to-market, risk reduction and improved quality on new product introductions, and a more flexible and automated manufacturing set-up. Rolls-Royce will demonstrate in real use-cases how new software and new methods can be utilised in its product and production development processes, manufacturing systems and equipment.

Project leader: Håkon Raabe

Started: 2017

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 6847000


Address: Ålesund