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Data-driven cyber-physical networked systems for autonomous cognitive control and adaptive learning in industrial & urban water environments


The main objective of INDURB is the design and implementation of a data-driven networked cyber-physical system (CPS) for autonomous control and continuous learning from data in both industrial and urban water environments, which will be represented by Aquaponics industrial plants and urban Water Distribution Networks (WDN). These networked systems are composed of a large number of wirelessly interconnected components with local data processing and control capabilities over large geographic areas or with high spatial densities. The malfunctioning of one component, either due to accidents or intentional attacks, may have devastating effects. Unfortunately, currently existing scientific and engineering methods do not consider smart sensing and data analytics components, and proper integration methods to offer timely detection, cognitive control and adaptive learning and therefore, are very conservative and highly sub-optimal. INDURB offers a new complete multidisciplinary approach, providing the following features: a) a highly reliable and low-cost water health protection with respect to both chemical and microbiological contamination, predicting and reacting through actuation (chemical dosage, smart valves and pumps), ensuring that the water parameters are within the correct limits adapting to the application demands; b) improved decision making and future planning for service operations; and c) a real-time bidirectional interaction between our CPS and the end-users (water utilities, food and water consumers), which will also provide data into the system, interplaying with cost-benefit trade-offs and allowing an automatic end-user complaint surveillance to address water quality problems and improve satisfaction. The results will be demonstrated for both scenarios, by means of a real WDN pilot and a real Aquaponics fish factory, in cooperation with partners NIVA (world wide leader in water technology), Municipality of Kristiansand (smart city objective) and FAqua.

Project leader: Baltasar Beferull-Lozano

Started: 2017

Ends: 2023

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 15996000

Institution: Institutt for IKT

Address: Kristiansand