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Coping with flexibility. Behavioral adaptations to the new pension system and their consequences in a lifetime perspective


Module A contains three studies using register data and data from the micro-simulation model MOSART: a study of the revealed tendency, since the reform took force in 2011, for early take up of pension benefits in combination with continued labor-force participation, a study of generational changes in savings behavior, and finally a study of the accrual of pension rights and projected pension benefits among different categories of immigrants. Module B will consist of updating and analyzing a unique database combining longitudinal simulations of individual employment careers with data on the accrual of occupational pension rights and participation in the AFP-scheme. The data will be used to perform an up-to-date analysis of the interplay between the three sources of pension rights among Norwegian employees and its distributive implications. Finally, Module C is devoted to a study of subjective retirement planning in terms of expectations, preferences and behavioral dispositions among individuals approaching the early retirement age at 62 and individuals in the age group 62-67 who have made different choices concerning pension claiming and labor market withdrawal. This module offers a subjective and qualitative take on some of the same issues that are addressed in the two first sub-studies of module A and module B.

Project leader: Anne Skevik Grødem

Started: 2018

Ends: 2021

Category: Nasjonale samfunnsvitenskapelige institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 4000000


Address: Oslo