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Application-Specific Routing for Managed Wireless Access


The predicted explosion in machine-to-machine communication, "smart homes", "e-health", and the Internet of Things, all rely on a crucial, yet elusive element: Predictable wireless service quality. While current infrastructures are limited in terms of (remote) configurability and service differentiation, smart infrastructures will use a service-oriented view. This is a novel view where services, devices and systems will interconnect to provide added value or functionality, for example in the case of trusted connections for medical data, or secure and reliable communications in the case of an alarm. One of the major challenges in smart infrastructures such as home and buildings is the integration of applications that have a wide range of requirements. Current wireless solutions are based on best-effort Wi-Fi networks, and control of the network quality ends at the termination in the home. For the digitised life there is a requirement for standardised methods of seamless exchange of information and data between different types of infrastructure, systems and applications. The project will use different types of technologies and tools in order to automate such as machine learning, analytics, measurements with a combination of scientific methods to find proof of concept of how to predict quality in a wireless network and environment. Eye Networks currently delivers wireless mesh networks for the home (and small businesses) in the form of wireless access points from vendor AirTies, and an ISP service for managing these mesh networks called EyeSaaS Pearl, on our own service platform EyeSaaS. Eye Networks collaborates closely with AirTies as well as with our ISP customers, providing this project with a unique starting point and access to representatives for large parts of the affected value chain.

Project leader: Linda Firveld

Started: 2017

Ends: 2021

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 2184579

Institution: EYE NETWORKS AS

Address: Oslo