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PES for Autonomic Computing


Autonomic Computing is a term coined by IBM back in 2001. Since then, there were several attempts into designing systems that have the ability to self-manage, self-execute and self-heal, bringing us closer towards the biological systems, when operating and managing different service offerings. Our research in the market today show that these attempts have either failed completely or they have been re-branded into "Runbook" applications that offer a degree of automation of specific tasks. Our proposal is therefore to conduct research on how to create a highly generalized base service that catch, interpret and organize different data sources into highly structured data sets. These data sets will then be used to build business value adding services like: -Business request handling engine -Incident handling engine -Problem management engine -Etc. The project will operate with a large amount of data, where we will look into integrating different monitoring and notification systems. Databases will be constantly updated with new data and we will apply RPA, machine learning and (possibly) swarm-inspired algorithms, such as Ant-Colony Optimization. ACO will assist in dynamic decision-making that will lead emergent self-organization behavior, based on which the system operation will become less dependent on human intervention. The scope of the hereby application is to receive assistance for establishing such a project within the H2020 program, as presented in the objectives' section.

Project leader: Alina Eugenia Negulescu

Started: 2017

Ends: 2017

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 2e+05


Address: Oslo