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An intelligent customer assistance system that delivers conversational shopping experiences


Glimtys technology is tackling the problem of automating the cumbersome parts of the assistance process, as delivered by personal shoppers or digital clerks. We have built an intelligent customer assistance system, that enables any retail company to provide usable and reliable conversational experiences for online shopping, something that chatbots combined with machine learning(ML) are not expected to do for the next 3 years. During the past year, our company has focused on parsing and fulfilling requests for online shopping with humans because machines are not yet capable of making decisions at an emotional level. They simply cannot beat human intuition when considering the context of a request, nor have common sense to understand the circumstances of the user and come up with fitting solutions. Glimty's vision is to keep building the technology that facilitates the operation and management of conversational shopping experiences, making our software easy to integrate into the business of any company offering a marketplace or online store. Current technologies are expected to advance, enabling online shoppers to type or command verbally their shopping requests to any smart device and receive options that fit what they want to buy, making the whole process easier and more convenient. The capability for processing the data that we collect to automate part of the human assistant process with ML will be commoditized in the following years. Technological giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft will make it available as enterprise software, offering their resources to any company needing Artificial Intelligence in their applications or business. In this sense, the major business opportunity lies in Glimty's ability to close the gap between the experiences for conversational shopping that users are going through, and the processes that the a customer assistant needs to do for suggesting or presenting products or services to be purchased on-demand by the user.

Project leader: Daniel Arevalo

Started: 2017

Ends: 2018

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1e+06

Institution: GLIMTY AS

Address: Porsgrunn