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Sci-Code. Big Data Driven Intelligent Tutorial Platform


Sci-Code has evolved from its previous prototype created last year called Tuto-Calculator combining the most advanced educational technologies in the market such as algorithm visualization and test driven development. We have innovated further by manufacturing the process of asking test driven development through an educators GUI (Graphic User Interface). We have further innovated by creating an algorithm to autonomously generate hints for higher level questions based on previous students successes and failures. Sci-code has presented at MatRIC's annual conference in October 2016 (Centre for Research, Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching). Due to its success we were further invited to present at ADILA's conference (Agder Digital Learning Arena), the 2016 Symposium on Advances in Digital Technology for University Teaching and Learning. As well, Sci-Code was recently invited to present at Statnetts FOU conference April 19-20th, 2017. Thus Sci-Code plans to innovate in the public and private sector in order to add to the value chain in optimizing training and education. Sci-Code will deeply measure, manage and optimize learning processes by providing functionality through an ergonomic course creator, a unique intelligent correction system, an algorithm visualizer and an automatic hint generator along with a vast library of courses about programming and mathematics. The plan will be to first approach middle schools through "Ingenører i Skolen". In Sci-Code's latest conference at the World Learing Summit in June 2017. Anne Kathrine Linnebo, who is a co-founder for "Ingenører i Skolen", approached us - looking for a computer science course content creation platform like Sci-Code for 50 middle schools in Asker, Norway.

Project leader: Magnus Lysfjord

Started: 2017

Ends: 2018

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1e+06

Institution: DIGGIT AS

Address: Oslo