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Initial network meetings to enter into LOI for LEIT 2018-20, H2020 SME instrument and other H2020 calls in renewable energy and finance


CleanTech Innovation AS is developing the CTi Digital IOT Tool-Kit for small and medium scale renewable energy projects including mini-grid. The CTi Tool-Kit will be a non-stop shop for small and medium scale project developers and communities in cities as well as rural areas. The CTi IOT Tool-Kit will bridge the need for simplified analysis for the project developers to reach out to international climate funding schemes being launched the coming years, the next ones at the UN/World Bank conference in Barcelona 22.-26 May 2017: We are planning to develop and test the IOT system locally on pilot projects under the RFF-scheme 2018-2019. CleanTech Innovation AS plans to apply for the Horizon 2020 SME instrument in 2018 - 19, when we have developed the first prototype (TRL 5) under RFF. We are in dialogue with Inspiralia,, about this application. They have a high success-rate for the H2020 SME instrument. The database will build up a portfolio of empirical projects, that can be aggregated and applied for machine learning and BIG DATA. We were also invited by Till Christopher Lech, Research Director Smart Data, SINTEF, to the Big Data Seminar, SINTEF/RCN 02.03.2017. We plan to attend the launch event for the LEIT Program 2018-2020 in Budapest November 9 - 10 as recommended by Kim Davis. Our bottom up approach to the project development of our IOT tool, will be important references for machine learning. To scale up, we aim to be attractive partners for one or more of the ICT 18, 19, 20 and 22 across Europe in the LEIT program. We have got assistance from Esacon AS ( to prepare for Skattefunn 2017-2020 as a basis for the following applications: 1. RFF Regional test project and prototype development 2. H2020 SME instrument ? from TRL 6 - 9 We have LOI with UiO, EPR Forum, ITI AS for the entire R&D process up to 2020. The LEIT calls we expect to fund our role 100% as R&D SME.

Project leader: Inger-Anne Blindheim Madsen

Started: 2017

Ends: 2017

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 19877


Address: Drammen