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PES for Autonomic Computing


?Engine for Intelligent Resolution? (EIR) project will explore the value generation potential of Big Data (BD) coupled with the power of Autonomic Computing (AC), from a technical, business and research perspective. Based on our business experience, today there are only dedicated and highly customized autonomic decision support systems available on the market, that respond only to particular problems. The input and output of different problem setups and the need of understanding BD for making faster and smarter statistical decisions entail a broader view in designing such solutions ? a new framework. EIR will build an autonomic computing framework that is engineering oriented, consolidated and ?ready to use?, ethical by design, easily adaptable to various set-ups and, last but not least, affordable for a larger and varied audience. The EIR Platform, founded on the EIR Framework, will respond to cross-sector generic needs and, equally important, will acknowledge the ethical considerations by using carefully designed and selected state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms. It will feature several components: a BD Integration Engine, a Decision Support component consisting in cross-sector modules, a Resolution Repository and a Solution Database. EIR (Self-Healing Platform) will be developed and refined in two waves so that market replication is sustainable. To validate the cross-sector capabilities of the Platform, two use-cases in IT Services and Health will provide verification of the EIR platform for BD in relation to autonomic decision support needs. The Consortium is composed of large and medium companies, academic and research institutions as well as healthcare partners that will ensure the right balance on data provisioning, development capabilities, technology transfer and dissemination.

Project leader: Alina Eugenia Negulescu

Started: 2017

Ends: 2018

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 16630


Address: Oslo