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Online risk management and risk control for autonomous ships


The maritime industry is subject to a technology and business transition towards increased level of autonomy enabling lower manning or unmanned ships supported by onshore operational centres. The main drivers may be associated with reduced construction and operational cost, as well as improved safety and environmental impact. This project will develop novel technological solutions for online (real-time) risk management and risk control of autonomous ships. Cutting-edge interdisciplinary research aims to achieve high level of autonomy, intelligence and decision making capabilities for autonomous ships. The goal is to enhance the realization of autonomous ships by developing safer and smarter automatic sailing systems and power and propulsion control systems that are able to detect, perceive, verify, monitor, control and follow-up deviations and potential hazards. Complex power and propulsion systems will be installed in autonomous ships. Advanced control systems introduce new types of failures, due to unforeseen interlocks in system design and functionality. If personnel are not onboard to operate, the ship needs to have safe and reliable onboard systems with high availability to be able to maneuover safely in the seaway. Shutting down and remobilizing the ship operation due to hazards caused by automatic or autonomous systems, including false alarms, are not economically viable, nor acceptable from a risk perspective. If sufficient system integrity cannot be ensured, highly autonomous and unmanned ships will not be realized on a broader scale. The knowledge building in the project will be decisive for the realization of autonomous ships. Specifically, the research results will lead to improved automatic sailing systems and power and propulsion control systems through the integration of risk modelling, machine learning, simulation, and verification of safe responses with optimization-based model predictive control (MPC).

Project leader: Ingrid Bouwer Utne

Started: 2018

Ends: 2022

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 10342000


Address: Trondheim