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SIMulate new STRUctures for HEALTHcare


The Inland Hospital Trust is one of the largest health entities in Noway with 8500 employees covering an area equal to Denmark in size. The current hospital structure at IHT was established at a time when hospitals had general competence and treated the patient with the methods available locally. Medical and technological development creates new treatment options that require new forms of work. Several professional environments depend on each other and therefore several services need to be gathered. The development also opens up opportunities for a higher ambition of decentralization and home based care. Hence we want to utilize disruptive technologies as Virtual Reality, and artificial intelligence to simulate and interact in a game based environment for public and private actors to gather new insights and competence to better decide on future hospital structure at IHT. Questions raised will be in the form of * What are the right resources to be used where and when? * What functions need to be deployed for the general conditions to be met so that the purpose can be achieved? I?e currently the purpose of the IHT is stated by the Norwegian health directorate as: 1: Reduce unnecessary waiting and variation in capacity utilization 2. Prioritize mental health care and interdisciplinary specialized drug treatment 3. Better quality and patient safety * What form (processes, procedures and systems) need to be performed that embody the functions? * How do we design a health system that can hold and develop these procedures, processes and systems? To address the above questions and create a innovation system for stakeholders to make this kind of decitions we will explore the Transformative impact of disruptive technologies in public services as stated in the forthcoming H2020 call DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2018-2019-2020.

Project leader: Marianne Lagerstedt

Started: 2017

Ends: 2020

Category: Helse Sør-Øst RHF

Sector: Helseforetak

Budget: 60000


Address: Ringsaker