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VERification for DEcarbonisation (VERDE)


In the VERDE project we propose to develop updated tools and new services that can help the shipping industry overcome some of the main barriers for higher uptake of energy saving and GHG emissions reduction technologies. This will be achieved by introducing a new business model, based on a framework for technology assessment and verification of fuel savings and emissions reduction. This framework will be used to change established practices for financing new technology, and will introduce a novel way of collaboration between ship owners, charterers, technology providers, financial institutions, cargo owners and third-party assurance providers. This will accelerate uptake of technology for the benefit of ship owners, charterers and technology providers, while reducing the risk for investors. Technical and operational measures such as alternative fuels, hydrodynamics, machinery and speed reduction will be considered. Technology assessment tools, based on AIS data and advanced models will be developed. Standardized methodologies for verification of the performance, fuel savings and emissions reductions from each technology will be established, and relevant clauses for charter contracts will be proposed.

Project leader: Hendrik William Brinks

Started: 2018

Ends: 2021

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 5400000

Institution: DNV AS

Address: Bærum