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Real Time Digital Twin for Boosting Performance of Seismic Operations


The concept outlined in this proposal will increase the overall operational efficiency of seismic vessels through digitisation and automation. The cornerstone of the proposal is the development of a real-time digital twin (RTDT): an advanced hydrodynamic model and state estimator of all the in-sea seismic equipment, augmented with real-time data from the actual equipment, providing users and systems on-board the vessel with a live digital representation of the state of the equipment during operations. Main R&D challenges: -Identification, cleaning, and combination of available data sources for use in state estimator and machine learning models. -Designing a robust state estimator for large-scale stiff systems. -Combine various data streams with state estimation model outputs and suitable algorithms for equipment health monitoring and forecasting. -Robust transition from an advanced mathematical model and a set of methods and algorithms to practical systems operating on a vessel performing complex operations using high value assets. -Accurate and reliable monitoring of cable tension over a wide load range and dynamic response of large masses in relation to sensitive cables. -Condition monitoring of the complex system of interconnected cables and ropes comprising the in-sea equipment. Anticipated potential: 1.Real-time visualisation of the state of the seismic system on-board and at remote operation centres. 2.Alarms, fault indications and notifications to the user. 3.Decision support systems providing advice on operation of winches and cable control devices. 4.Decision support systems providing advice on vessel speed and heading. 5.Equipment health monitoring systems 6.Improved crew training in on-shore simulator facilities. 7.Automatic control of winches in manoeuvring operations. 8.Automated sequences in launch and recovery operations. 9.Remote expert-in-the-loop during emergency operations. 10.Predictions of future state. 11.Data collection for offline use.

Project leader: Thoralf Ruud

Started: 2018

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 6551897


Address: Ålesund