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H2020 SME - Phase 1 - Project Establishment Support (Predictive Business Analysis ? Enabling insight and enduring improvements)


With our innovation project, we aim to create a world class, leading risk and business analysis software using unique scientific and technological approach. The Straterio team have 10 years of international experience with risk-/compliance management in bank/finance/utilities, 20 years with business intelligence/analytics and 30 years of research experience. Our know-how clearly shows that most companies are far from able to increase income and reduce loss, by doing traditional risk and business analysis. We aim to target and solve this challenge. To address this challenge, we have established an international collaboration with The Arctic University of Norway and The Thammasat University of Thailand. Our software will apply research from new scientific models based on functionally sustainable bionetworks, prediction based on cost landscape modelling and advanced mathematics/statistics (incl. Artificial Intelligence/AI using contextual deep learning and robotics), e.g. make AI read, interpret and structure legal compliance document to extract risk indicators for analysis and measures proposals. This will assist decision makers in enhancing and optimizing analyses. The same approach can be applied to other areas as well (potential, emergency etc.). This disruptive approach to analysis has never been done before. Our solution will meet fast growing global demands in organizations where analysis is highly regarded as the core of enduring improvements, e.g. the segments of banks, finance and manufacturing. This new analysis insight will contribute major values for customers and enable us to price the software in the enterprise level. We intend to reach our users/ customers by direct sales, partners, our website and Microsoft?s global marketplace/network. Both the technical and economic viability of the project will be assessed during phase 1. It will be presented in a comprehensive feasibility study and business plan, as foundation for entering phase 2

Project leader: Steinar Høier

Started: 2017

Ends: 2017

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 50000

Institution: STRATERIO AS

Address: Tromsø