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Digital capabilities and passenger benefits of a seamless and resilient Norwegian airport system


This project assesses the impact of digital aviation technologies on the passenger journey in order to improve their experience and the effectiveness of the Norwegian airport system. The project is relevant to the second area of the Research Council's grant programme on digitalisation of the transport sector. It seeks to expand and generate new knowledge about the impact of digitalisation on processes, organisation and competence needs in the air transport sector. The mixed methods approach to be taken by this project will also help to develop scenarios for the efficient and effective implementation of digital technologies in the airport environment in order to achieve seamless passenger journeys and commercial benefits for airports and their stakeholders - thereby contributing to the development of a more sustainable Norwegian airport system. Key challenges: 1. Methodological approaches to digital aviation remain engineering and systems oriented with a focus on quantitative methodologies. This overlooks the management, organisational and user welfare dimensions, which may require a multidisciplinary and mixed methods approach. 2. There are a lot of digital solutions available in the market. There is however little understanding on the influence that these technologies have on airport business efficiency and it is not always easy to measure the benefits of their implementation. 3. The digital traveller experience is highly fragmented and inconsistent. Decision-making processes for the implementation of digital technologies require a door-to-door approach considering integrated multimodal solutions. 4. The contribution of digital passenger solutions in crisis management for situations of disruption is inconsistent. It is not clear how these solutions can help to increase the resilience and recovery of a network after it has been affected by a major disruption. 5. Future digital scenarios have significant unsolved challenges in the area of ethics and privacy.

Project leader: Nigel Halpern

Started: 2018

Ends: 2021

Category: Andre høyskoler

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 7e+06


Address: Oslo