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Mathematical reasoning with cognitive technology


What learning processes allow us to do mathematics, and how can answers to that question translate to improved mathematics education and teaching practices? Digital Reasoning will leverage a digital learning and research platform for representation-based mathematical reasoning to collect dynamic data about the learning processes of pupils and preservice teachers. The data allows us to develop computation models of mathematical cognition that can A. shed light on general principles for learning mathematics and B. fuel next-generation education technology for artificial assessment and tutoring of mathematical literacy skills. Engaging an international network of world-leading researchers in an interdisciplinary effort towards developing new theoretical foundations and innovative cognitive technology for mathematics education, Digital Reasoning will provide an important piece of research towards improving the opportunity for pupils and preservice teachers to engage with relevant mathematical practices and for school mathematics to meet the needs of industry, science and society.

Project leader: Trygve Solstad

Started: 2018

Ends: 2022

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 6125000

Institution: Institutt for lærerutdanning

Address: Trondheim