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Visma IT & Communications AS (VITC) is an IT Service provider for all the companies in the Visma Group transcending its services towards their customers’ customers. Given this context, the immediate business potential of EIR++ project will translate in a product that aims to shift the paradigm based on which IT Operations are currently being handled, from heavily manual, to automated and finally, autonomous. The resulted product - Autonomous Computing as a Service (ACaaS) - will increase the employee satisfaction, by making easier identifying IT anomalies in Visma’s Data Centers, which is the prerequisite step in restoring IT services preemptively. By automatically identifying the misbehaviour of the systems supporting IT services, the System Administrators will be able to focus more on fixing these issues, rather than manually searching for potential causes. Knowing exactly what generated a fault, will also improve the average handling time of incident resolution, which will, as a result, increase the customers’ satisfaction. The long term objective is to build a solution database, consisting in identified IT issues based on monitoring logs correlation, which coupled with the corresponding “fix” (i.e. script) will serve as a training data set for building a Machine Learning model that will have the ultimate goal of creating self-healing IT services. VITC is aware that such a product, i.e. ACaaS, could benefit any IT Services oriented company that handles large Data Centers and deals with numerous monitoring systems. As a result, VITC will create a European level market strategy of replicating the product for a larger audience after it will test and validate it in its own environment. The market replication will be approached in two waves: a) the Generalized Anomaly Detection (GAD) Framework, as an initial product and b) the ACaaS including GAD and self-healing capabilities for IT services, at a later stage in a future project.

Project leader: Alina Eugenia Negulescu

Started: 2018

Ends: 2018

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 4e+05


Address: Oslo