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Model based testing to support dynamic generation of complex test data


Based on our current understanding of state of practice from our consultancy on software testing in the public sector, we have seen a tremendous need for better test data in order to support more systematic and complete software testing. Current many companies are using production data for testing purposes, however, this is problematic both because that this is illegal (according to EU regulations), and because that it does not support automated testing. Challenges: Our hypothesis is that current tools and methods for model based test data generation have in large part developed on the basis of small toy examples and thus can not scale up to meet the practical need for software testing in large scale complex software systems. This hypothesis will be verified on the basis of our systematic review of the current state of the art, combined with our observatory case studies on both the current state of practice and actual needs identified in the public sector. Our main challenge is thus to propose practical solutions to the very hard problem of generating sufficiently complex test data that will meed the actual requirements of our case study partners. Our solution approach is to iterative prototyping combined with cost benefit analysis of applying the prototypes on testing challenges faced by our case study partners. Use of findings: This aim of this project is to provide increased knowledge and prototype tools that can be further developed into industry strength tools that will help the industry and public sector to obtain sufficiently rich test data.

Project leader: Erik Arisholm

Started: 2018

Ends: 2021

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1556000

Institution: TESTIFY AS

Address: Nordre Follo