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MIRAGE: A Comprehensive AI-Based System for Advanced Music Analysis


MIRAGE aims at conceiving a ground-breaking AI system for music analysis that will generate a rich and detailed description of music along a large range of parametric and structural dimensions. This will enable musicologists to acquire a systematic and explicit understanding of music in a much deeper level than using traditional methods or previous state of the art in computational musicology. The scientific ambitions of MIRAGE is not solely related to the conception of AI and signal processing algorithms able to perform advanced operations of interest for musicology. It is also to establish a detailed and explicit answer to theoretical musicological problems, related to the formalization of music analysis. The rich description of music will also foster the enrichment of cognitive models predicting listeners’ percepts and reactions to music, for instance for the study of emotion in music. Moreover, music cognition needs to be understood as a complex system composed of highly interdependent modules. A computational system built on a set of general heuristics that is able to mimic music cognition on a large range of music would offer a valuable blueprint for the establishment of cognitive models. The software technologies developed in the project will also have a wider transformational impact on how tomorrow’s technologies will be used to understand and appreciate music. We will also apply these technologies for music therapy. The approach follows a transdisciplinary perspective, articulating traditional musicology, cognitive science, signal processing and artificial intelligence. This project in collaboration with the National Library of Norway, world leading in digitizing cultural heritage, will help developing further the field of Digital Humanities, which is under-developed in Norway.

Project leader: Olivier Lartillot

Started: 2019

Ends: 2023

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 1e+07

Institution: Institutt for musikkvitenskap

Address: Oslo