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Human Body Simulation Technology - PhD Study


The project is primarily a Naerings-PhD project where Laerdal Medical dedicates one resource to do a PhD within technologies to be used for human patient simulation and techniques for effective product development. The PhD will be taken at NTNU, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The PhD project is a part of a collaboration between NTNU and Laerdal that has been going on for a few years. NTNU will use case examples and tasks from Laerdal R&D challenges in their teaching, including yearly master thesis. The main R&D challenges around human patient simulation is creating realistic interaction between the simulator and the users. The challenges are on interactions such as speech, movement, vision, touch and feel in addition to clinical signs such as ECG, skin color, breathing patterns, sounds etc. By placing a PhD candidate at NTNU, Laerdal will strengthen the scientific competence of the Laerdal company, not only for the PhD candidate but also for other members of the product development function. The project will strengthen Laerdal's R&D competence and capabilities, exploring technologies that can be used for developing patient simulators. The PhD study will be centered around sensors, actuators, materials and mechanical solutions used for simulation of human body functions, in a patient simulation context. This can be movement of limbs, simulation of human skin reactions such as rashes, simulation of chest movement, injections of needles and fluid responses. In addition, the PhD will have a product development methodology dimension. Examples R&D challenges explored through the current cooperation between NTNU TrollLABS and Laerdal are moving and responding eyes (Master Thesis 2017), realistic ultrasound guided injection site of REBOA, realistic chest concerning force and response of CPR manikin (Master Thesis 2018). We expect that specific products will be developed following the research by the PhD candidate and activities at NTNU.

Project leader: Hans Gundersen

Started: 2018

Ends: 2022

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1694000


Address: Stavanger