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E!12433 Safe Area Monitoring (SAM) for Open, Fenceless Factory Automation


SAM is a low cost, advanced safety monitoring system providing safe, fenceless, flexible operation of industrial robot systems. It can cover a single robot cell or a factory. SAM Detector detects the human's location and is capable to separate living and artificial objects. SAM Application Module provides actionable safety, user harmony and optimized sharing of tasks and autonomy. SAM Factory Monitoring and Flow Optimization Software monitors and optimizes the work flow in the entire facility. The industrial trend is open, fenceless robot systems to allow easy access for humans to the robot cell; to assist and collaborate when desired. However, this poses challenges related to safety, human comfort and operation functionality, that are yet to be solved. SAM will fill this functional gap by utilizing state-of-the-art object sensing technology to develop a complete low-cost, add-on system with cutting-edge functions for human safety, comfort and operation. After the end of the funding period, revenues will be generated through sales of SAM products as add-on package to industrial automation; embedded solution for industrial and mobile robots; plus a software package for intelligent safety monitoring and production flow optimization in the factory. There will be established distributor agreements with system integrators and robot manufacturers. This will ensure access to the global market and large-scale sales boost.

Project leader: Trygve Thomessen

Started: 2018

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 5605000

Institution: PPM ROBOTICS AS

Address: Trondheim