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Improved seismic imaging based on resolution enhancement and pattern recognition


The project is of cross-disciplinary nature and represents a combination of petroleum geophysics (seismic processing and imaging) and image analysis/pattern recognition. Two PhD candidates will be attached to the project. It can be subdivided into four we ll defined work packages: - WP1: Enhancement of the signal-to-noise level of pre-stack seismic data employing true amplitude type of CRS technique (including the use of slope and curvature attributes). - WP2: Estimation of migration velocity fields in tim e employing CRS attributes and mapping of such velocities to depth using IIP-tomography as a constraint. - WP3: Depth-velocity model building in case of complex geological structures like salt bodies. The initial depth velocity model from the mapping tech nique described in WP2 will be iteratively updated employing PSDM and (semi)automatic detection of complex structures using pattern recognition/texture analysis. - WP4: Development super-resolution type of PSDM based on the combined concept of Fresnel ape rture and MUSIC.

Project leader: Anne Helene Schistad Solberg

Started: 2014

Ends: 2018

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 6558000

Institution: Institutt for informatikk

Address: Oslo