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Condition monitoring tool for separators based on combined use of tracer technology and multiphase flow modeling


A condition monitoring tool for measuring liquid carry-over from separators and scrubbers will be developed and tested. Controlling liquid carry over is essential for operation of equipment downstream of separators and scrubbers as, for example, compressors, are intolerant to large amount of liquids. Any liquid carried over has the potential to cause scale problems in process equipment causing decreased system performance and ultimately failure. Further, in gas transport lines following subsea separation, hydrate formation is a concern, requiring reliable methods for monitoring separator performance. The proposed condition monitoring tool is based on the combined use of tracer technology and modeling of low liquid load multiphase flow. The tracing techni ques are focused on the use of short-lived radiotracers for water and oil provided by the method of radiotracer generators. The modeling of low liquid load multiphase flow will be developed concurrently with multiphase flow experiments at the IFE Well Flo w Loop, which will generate input parameters to the model. New experimental advances in X-ray tomography of thin films are an important task in the project. The project's main delivery is a condition monitoring tool, enabling more accurate evaluation of l iquid carry-over. However, the condition monitoring tool itself is just a part of the deliveries from this project. A new prescription for describing the entrainment process in high density, low liquid load systems contributes to the fundamental understa nding of multiphase flow, and may have implications for process equipment design. Automated radiotracer generators for short-lived radiotracers may be used to monitor industrial processes involving fluid flow not only in the petrochemical industry, but al so generally in the process industry. Additionally, recruitment to the petroleum industry is an integrated part of the project through education of PhD and MSc Students and employment of a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Project leader: Liv Stavsetra

Started: 2014

Ends: 2018

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 11074101


Address: Lillestrøm