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Performance of PV modules in arid areas - effects of soiling and module technology on yearly yield


This project aims to develop methodology that allows prediction and optimization of the energy performance of photovoltaic systems in arid areas. The project will be based around measurements from a field test station that will be created in South Africa in the vicinity of Scatec Solar's Kalkbult plant. The field test station will monitor power output and module soiling for various PV module technologies, and supply data and dust samples to Stellenbosch University and to IFE. The field test station will be the platform for investigation of various cleaning products and procedures with regards to cleaning efficiency, time and water consumption, safety and reliability and long-term degradation. Moreover, investigation of tracking movements to reduce soilin g effects will be investigated here. Dust samples collected at the field station will be physically and chemically characterized at IFE. Moreover, the spectral and angular transmission properties of clean and dirty samples will be measured at the IFE soll ab. These measurements will be used to expand existing optical models to account for soiling losses at all angles of incidence, and will be used as input in annual yield calculations. The aim is to develop a model to improve design and operation of PV par ks that includes the effect of soiling and cleaning requirements. This model together with field measurements will form the basis of a methodology for prediction of soiling losses at new sites. The project includes exchange of personnel and building of in frastructure in South Africa. A workshop with international partners is planned in 2016 with emphasis on future expansion of the competence and infrastructure developed in this project.

Project leader: Josefine Selj

Started: 2014

Ends: 2017

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 1350000


Address: Lillestrøm