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Smart, transparent and sustainable food supply chains


Brynild Gruppen, Mills and other Norwegian-owned food producers to a large degree compete by offering customers high-quality and safe brands at reasonable prices. Within the sugar confectionary and snacks segment, we in Brynild with our turnover of 706 mill. NOK (2017) compete against large international actors with global and efficient high-volume supply chains. To increase our competitiveness, we need to improve our ability to operate our supply chain effectively. We need to be smarter than our competitors in how we meet dynamic demand with minimum resource consumption. In this project, we have joined forces with our supply chain partners Mills, H.I. Giørtz and Leman Norway. In addition, we collaborate with PA Consulting, SICK and the leading ICT systems providers Relex Solutions and BI Builders, as well as some of Scandinavia’s leading researchers in retail and food supply chains at NTNU, Østfold University College and Aalborg University. Together we will exploit our capabilities in ICT, emerging technologies, and logistics competence to create a smart, transparent and sustainable food supply chain. The most critical R&D challenges are: - Integrating big data visual analytics in a food supply chain perspective. We will investigate applicable methods and forms of cooperation to exploit the potential in data sharing between supply chain partners, how to apply big data analytics, and how to tailor visual analytics to the supply chain actors. - To create smart demand planning synchronised with warehouse and production control. The main challenge is to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence systems in real time. - To increase knowledge on how to design, plan and control smart intralogistics systems based on mobile robots (MOBOTs) for flexible and responsive food supply chains. - To sustain food production in Norway. A major project focus is efficient resource utilisation and reduction of food waste.

Project leader: Mathias Holm

Started: 2019

Ends: 2023

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 9600000

Institution: BRYNILD AS

Address: Fredrikstad