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Seeking partnership for our monitoring tool for global remittance and Aid Markets using Artificial Intelligence technology


The vision of this project is to develop an intelligent monitoring tool for interpreting huge amounts of data from multiple sources, to give personalized information and advises aiding customers and well-fare organizations to stay up to date on relevant remittance and aid market developments and trends, thereby enabling informed remittance and aid donation decisions. Remittance and aid markets have traditionally been characterized by lack of transparency, being subject to manipulation in the form of corruption, money laundering, terror financing and high transfer fees. As late as 2015, a report from the National Auditors of Norway showed that no one could account for NOK 26 billion in aid funds in the period 2004 to 2012. Regional or nationals factors such as political stability and level of violence, government level of corruption control change over time might challenge this. The VIM monitoring tool will in a novel way integrate a wide range of data, both quantitative (structured) data (VipiCash transaction data, data from the World Bank on the global remittance marked and on regional relevant factors such as corruption, money laundering and terror financing risks, banks’ data on charity transactions) and more qualitative (unstructured) data such as news events and reports. The VIM monitoring tool will develop an artificial intelligent system providing personalized solutions: - Identify classes of money transfer patterns in the remittance and aid market. - Discover and quantify the impact of world-wide regional and local events on the remittance and aid market. - Develop a dynamic dialogue functionality application aimed towards customers providing tailored information regarding relevant global and local factors and the customer relevant remittance and aid patterns.

Project leader: Asmeret Ghebrelul Weldesilassie

Started: 2018

Ends: 2019

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 80000

Institution: VIPICASH AS

Address: Oslo