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Optimizing the Use of Marine Seismic Sources


As a leader on the market, CGG offers state-of-the-art marine seismic acquisition technologies, developed to address specific imaging objectives. Seismic imaging is a geophysical technique that investigates the subsurface and gives vital information about its properties. Such features can give oil and gas companies a more astute indication if a prospect area contains hydrocarbons. The quality of the seismic data therefore is crucial. The marine seismic air-gun source plays a key role in seismic imaging. This project focuses on a novel use of marine seismic sources. Conventional marine seismic surveys today are conducted by a vessel towing two to three seismic sources combined in source arrays. The aim of this work, based on new research effort, is to move towards an acquisition setup where several distributed sources will be used instead. The actual configuration of this multi-source layout such as number of sources, positioning, size (volume), firing rate, steering and other criteria is of utmost importance. Practically speaking, these will be analyzed in detail by conducting modeling studies. In such a way, the R&D team will be able to understand the impact on the final seismic image. The multi-source concept aims to improve the image quality. This is possible as such kind of acquisition configuration brings the missing 'near offset' coverage. Additionally, by having more widely-spaced sources deployed, a larger subsurface area is covered as opposed to conventional survey. In this way, the acquisition efficiency is improved. Based on the work following this project, the knowledge and expertise about the multi-source acquisition will be improved. This knowledge and expertise is even more relevant in areas where dealing with subtle and complex prospects such as in the Barents Sea and North Sea. As a result, the anticipated outcome is to propose an 'optimal' source configuration for a specific geophysical imaging solution.

Project leader: Hege Nielsen

Started: 2019

Ends: 2021

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1689000


Address: Oslo