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The project aiming to identify and preserve film content, from the past and make it accessible for the future generations. The need: Our ambition is to create an innovative holistic solution for searching/finding/creating rich content and context indexing and metadata, - combining and integrating AI, ML and crowdsourcing of information in a unique and disruptive way. Our solution: We wish to optimise our project and reach the following objectives: This project will perform necessary R&D to create the ultimate combination of: • sophisticated and automated high-speed film digitization and restoration. • application of artificial intelligence (AI) with integrated "machine learning" (ML) for automated extraction of rich content and context indexing/metadata. • integrating with and publishing of relevant content and metadata on an open-source online access platform. • scientific based crowdsourcing (as an extension of the AI) for adding further and deeper content and context metadata. • integrating with an open-source digital preservation process and eternal storage medium for long-term preservation of content and index/metadata for guaranteed availability and future access. The consortium: The implementation of the project requires the combination of different technical skills. The consortium brings together multidisciplinary expertise and covers the whole value chain necessary to develop, design, test and assess the commercial readiness of the new solutiontent

Project leader: Katrine Loen Thomsen

Started: 2019

Ends: 2019

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 100000

Institution: PIQL AS

Address: Drammen