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Information Access Disruptions - iAD


Dramatic changes in technology, business models and services are foreseen in information access. As FAST has emerged as the recognized leading provider of search based systems, it is our belief that Norway has a unique opportunity to build a strong science and business platform to play a key role in the future of the information age. The SFI will identify and execute on global disruption opportunities enabled by emerging information age services by targeting core research for next generation precision, analytics and scale in information access: - Fusing access to structured/unstructured data and multimedia content - Building scalable and fault-tolerant architectures for capturing, cleaning and extracting knowledge - Define and validate robust principles and services for next generation distributed infrastructure - Develop extreme precision solutions for multimedia access - Identify disruptive informaiton access (enabled) processes that can be used as a cluster foundation for Norwegian IT innovation Th e SFI expects to launch a broad range of research based products: - Apply iAd technology in consumer search services (e.g. Sesam) - Build services around new communication technologies (e.g. VoIP) - Build new services through extreme precision, agent base d push and seamless content integration - Extend search technology to new media sources, e.g. streaming media - Provide user-driven business intelligence through Adaptive Information Warehouses - Apply search to strengthen Business Intelligence analytic capabilities - Monitor and mine emerging pervasive sensor networks in real-time iAd will enable: - Strong Norwegian presence in the global information age transformation - National computer science center with strong innovation focus - Foundation for FAS T to become #3 European SW company in 2009 - Foundation for Schibsted to build international presence - Foundation for Accenture to define and develop next generation solutions

Project leader: Bjørn Olstad

Started: 2007

Ends: 2015

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 7.6e+07


Address: Oslo