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Nordic PerMed: NorDCap Nordic implementation of personalized prostate cancer diagnostics


The overall idea of NorDCaP is to accelerate the spread of best practice personalized diagnostics of prostate cancer to significantly reduce the over- and under diagnostics of prostate cancer. The proposed project will: 1. Transfer best-practice knowledge on personalized primary diagnostics of prostate cancer from Capio S:t Göran Prostate Cancer Center and implement it at 3 other participating Nordic sites 2. Transfer best-practice knowledge on personalized follow up of low-risk cancers (Active Surveillance) from Karolinska Institutet and implement it in clinical practice at 4 participating Nordic sites 3. Set-up the Stockholm3 test so that it can be performed locally 4. Set up centralized Nordic quality assurance system for the Stockholm3 test and for automatic scoring of prostate cancer biopsy images 5. Set up a centralized Nordic Prostate Cancer Diagnostics quality register 6. Develop a common health-economy model that can easily be configurated to fit each country’s pre-conditions 7. Create a Big Data pool of MRI images for future Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning approaches 8. Set up a centralized Nordic organization that supports future implementation of best-practice personalized prostate cancer diagnostics in additional sites 9. Consider ethics and Responsible Research and Innovation issues In a first phase, best-practice will be implemented at NorDCaP’s existing pan-Nordic cluster of healthcare providers in Denmark, Norway and Finland. In a second phase, after the finalization of the Nordforsk project, the findings as well as the infrastructure will be used to improve prostate cancer diagnostics throughout the Nordic countries.

Project leader: Svein Reidar Kjosavik

Started: 2019

Ends: 2021

Category: Helse Vest RHF

Sector: Helseforetak

Budget: 6361960


Address: Stavanger