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BirdsView - Analytic tool for detecting rot in wooden materials


Today's tree poles, which carry our electricity, rot from within. This leads to a considerable weakening of the carrying capacity. SINTEF estimates that 70% of the poles which are replaced can last 10-40 years longer with better analytic tools. Birdsview are therefore developing an analytic tool for detecting rot in tree poles which are used in the power distribution infrastructure. The solution will make the power distribution maintenance 1) safer, 2) more efficient and 3) cost-saving by providing accurate visualization of the inner state and the current carrying capacity of the poles. BirdsView do this by combining radar technology with self-developed analytical algorithms. The core team desire to work on new challenges and wants to develop new technology related to the team´s expertise in machine learning from the Dept. of Computer Science, signal processing from the Dept. of Engineering Cybernetics and knowledge in entrepreneurship from the Dept. of Industrial Economics and Technology Management. The core team have practical experience in starting new companies, building teams, business development, project planning, development of concepts, prototyping and production from participation in student associations. The purpose of the project is to produce and test a full minimum viable product with industrial customers. The main challenges will be the development of an MVP that meets BirdsView´s pilot customers demands and specifications. The university contributes with office space, access to an electrical and a mechanical workshop. Additionally, the core team is also consulted by several professors from NTNU with relevant experience to the project. The funds from STUD-ENT will enable BirdsView to develop an MVP and conduct a pilot project. Received information and documented results will be used to acquire new customers and raise capital for further development of a sales-ready product.

Project leader: Johan Besse Stamnes

Started: 2019

Ends: 2020

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 1000000

Institution: BIRDSVIEW AS

Address: Trondheim