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BIG INSIGHT - Statistics for the knowledge economy


BIG INSIGHT produces innovative solutions for key corporate challenges facing a consortium of private, public and research partners, by developing and applying original statistical and machine learning methodologies. Fulfilling the promise of the big data revolution, we shall invent deep analytical tools to extract knowledge from complex data and deliver BIG INSIGHT. Integrating data with substantial industrial knowledge, we construct personalised solutions, predict dynamic behaviours and control processes that are at the core of the partners' innovation. This leads to value creation and brings our partners to new leading positions in their global markets. Ten user partner, major Norwegian companies and public agencies operating in different markets, three research partners and their international collaborators, unite in BIG INSIGHT to form a unique and strong research hub which will discover radically new ways to target products, marketing, prices, therapies, equipment monitoring (and more) to individual needs and conditions, providing improved quality, precisions and efficacy. We shall develop new approaches and tools to make predictions of critical quantities which are unstable and in transition, as customer behaviour, patient health, electricity prices, machinery condition, etc. This will be possible thanks to the unprecedented availability of large scale measurements and detailed individual information together with new statistical theory, computational methods and algorithms, delivered by a world-class team of scientists. Our partners will harvest results which go directly into their operative pipelines. BIG INSIGHT provides capacity to the Norwegian knowledge-based economy, by training many graduate students and renewed undergraduate studies. BIG INSIGHT is unique in its type, bringing for the first time together different industrial and research traditions, to solve ambitious innovation challenges, with long-lasting advantages for Norway.

Project leader: Arnoldo Frigessi

Started: 2015

Ends: 2023

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 96100000


Address: Oslo