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Enabling Future Dependable Ubiquitous Services and Data with Novel Testing Methods for Quantum Programs


Quantum computing (QC) promises to revolutionize the present form of computing, by solving unimaginably large and highly complex problems that traditional computers would never crack. The potential for QC to solve highly complex problems is also reflected by the rising number of QC platforms (e.g., Microsoft Quantum computing, IBM Quantum Experience) and their supported programming languages (e.g., Q#, QisKit supports Python, Javascript, etc). The rise of QC platforms, software development kits, and programming languages is an essential step towards Ubiquitous Quantum Computing. However, there is an urgent need for testing quantum programs, which has shown to be challenging due to inherent differences of QC with its classical counterpart, including its probabilistic nature and un-observability of the execution. Thus far, there are no systematic methods, tools, and frameworks for the proper testing of QC programs written in quantum high-level programming languages (e.g., Q#). The ambition of the Qu-Test is to develop radically new methods for automated and systematic testing of quantum programs, based on a rigorous theoretical foundation with the ultimate goal of supporting future ubiquitous services and data related to QC applications to guarantee their dependability. To allow for testing complex quantum programs with a minimal amount of QC resources, we will also propose novel quantum optimization algorithms. The research agenda of this proposal is three-fold: 1) building testing foundations for quantum programming languages, 2) building a novel quantum search algorithmic framework for test optimization, and 3) developing an experimental testing framework including test execution, involving testing quantum programs with the proposed foundations and optimization algorithms. Our frameworks will be implemented in Q# and QisKit and we will demonstrate cost-effective testing of quantum programs written in Q# and the languages supported by QisKit (e.g., Python).

Project leader: Shaukat Ali

Started: 2019

Ends: 2024

Category: Øvrige forskningsinstitutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 14445000


Address: Bærum