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Exploiting open IoT data from Maritime,Ocean & Energy sectors to develop Green Technologies utilizing FiWARE platform & Big Data Analytics


Major problematic trends in the marine, ocean and energy industries are related to the environment i.e.Global Warming, Acidification, Pollution, Energy waste,etc. Hence, to develop environmental friendly technologies,aka Green Technologies,opportunities needs to be explored & utilized with the help of IoT open data, Big Data Analytics,& AI. For this to happen,Ocean,Marine & Energy companies need to participate in the open-data initiatives and utilize the open data from IoT devices,sensors,5G,RFID,&NFC devices.By participating in one such initiative will enable Big Data Analytics & allow for the creation of new solutions using Machine Learning algorithms & other AI algorithms. However,to reach up to this stage of developing new solutions,several challenges need to be tackled.The first challenge the enterprises face is the interoperability of different systems & the different format & schema of the open data available from the IoT devices. It is because many of the systems are proprietary, and have their own communication protocols, and data formats. Once, the interoperability issue is removed, the second challenge is to apply Big Data Analytics tools to explore trends and opportunities that have real environmental & business value and can be exploited. The final challenge is to develop new AI algorithms, and innovative business models that can exploit the opportunities explored and develop a new market of Green Technologies at the cross-sector of Marine, Ocean, and Energy companies. To tackle these challenges, PARADIGM project will establish a Venture Acceleration Program which will involve Training Seminars about the FiWARE platform and IoT Open Data, Speed Dating Arena to connect ICT & Marine/Ocean/Energy business to implement the integration platform, €5000 FiWARE voucher to Marine/Ocean/Energy companies to implement the FiWARE platform with the help of ICT companies, together with Innovation Vouchers develop AI based application along with other activities

Project leader: Qazi Sohail Ahmad

Started: 2019

Ends: 2019

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 2e+05


Address: Halden