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Global commercialization of a disruptive new technology for Industrial Machine Learning


The average factory is only operating at 65% overall equipment efficiency. Factories are wasting energy, raw material, clean water and they contribute to about 30% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. Intelecy have developed software that is disrupting the way analytics are being applied to industrial production. We now need to establish a plan for global growth, a process where we are going to take the product from Norway and into the global market. Intelecy has a product that offers a completely unique use of machine learning specialized for analysis and optimization of industrial production processes. The product is under development and is currently being used, tested and verified by pilot customers in Norway. There are about 10 million factories worldwide and a plan must be established for marketing, sales and delivery globally, that fits the relevant market. The project is a feasibility study that will evaluate and target an international market. International commercialization of the product requires good preparatory work which entails market analysis and networking activities. The insight from the preparation must lead to a clear plan for marketing, sales and delivery internationally. The most central challenges in establishing the project are: 1. Access to information about markets and sales channels in different countries 2. Establish new relationships and identify partners.

Project leader: Espen Davidsen

Started: 2019

Ends: 2019

Category: Næringsliv

Sector: Næringsliv

Budget: 50000

Institution: INTELECY AS

Address: Oslo