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COPS: Comprehensive privacy and security for resilient CPS/IoT


This medium-term time horizon research project develops advanced inference and optimization approaches to overcome challenges faced by future cyber physical systems/internet-of-things (CPS/IoT) and enable a sustainable and resilient digital society. The project addresses privacy and security related problems from a physical-layer perspective where traditional methods fail to detect security breaches and privacy invasions. The considered problems are particularly challenging due to the distributed nature of CPS/IoT, dynamic and non-stationary nature of attacks, and infrastructure constraints. The existing data security approaches ignore the additional information available at the physical layer such as sensor redundancy, control laws, and physical processes. Leveraging on the model knowledge and side information, the project adopts a secure-by-design philosophy for designing CPS and IoT with security and privacy as an inherent aspect of the functionality without solely depending on additional mechanisms at a later part of the design. Unlike the current approaches that assume security and privacy as an additional feature of the system, it is here consider to be a fundamental design constraint. This ensures that CPS and IoT function even when other security protocols fail and maintain operations under adversarial conditions. Finally, the project aims to strengthen the existing liaisons between academia and industry (NTNU and SINTEF), foster international scientific and education collaboration to educate and inform a new generation of scientists and engineers in the strategic area of IoT technologies. International co-operation with world-class research universities forms an important part of the project in the form of researcher exchange.

Project leader: Stefan Werner

Started: 2019

Ends: 2023

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 15998000

Institution: Institutt for elektroniske systemer

Address: Trondheim