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Self-Learning and Interoperable Approaches for Oncology patients' Quality of Life Improvement via Artificial Intelligence based Monitoring


PROJECT CONCEPT (MyData – Interoperability – Data Security – PROMs and PREMs – Quality of life) The key to health system transformation lies in turning wellness into a system where the individual, instead of care providers, is at the core. This means encouraging individuals to adopt an active role in their own care, and giving them the needed tools to track their health and control their own wellbeing data. Empowering individuals with knowledge and control over their own health effectively engages them in their own care. In addition to giving individuals the tools to access and share their own medical data, wellbeing data produced by the individuals themselves assumes an increasing role. New technologies such as wearable devices can be used by individuals to monitor their own health and to get real-time feedback about health related issues. The detailed data captured by these technologies can also be shared with care providers to deliver better diagnosis, personalized and timely care. Moreover, technologies can be used by individuals not only to access their own wellbeing data, but also to access each other. Especially those with chronic and rare conditions benefit from technologies that facilitate peer-to-peer support networks and help supplement information obtained from care providers with peer advice and knowledge. MyData principles for personal information The requirements of both human-centricity and data interoperability can be addressed by MyData infrastructure and approach. MyData approaches personal data as a valuable resource and is essentially a model for managing and processing personal information with the individuals being in control of the data collected about them. At minimum this would mean the individual’s right to obtain and freely use his/her personal information. MyData architecture aims to enable the flow of personal data from multiple data sources to multiple services via a standardized, interoperable consent management framework.

Project leader: Gupta D.B.R.K. Udatha

Started: 2019

Ends: 2019

Category: Øvrige andre

Sector: Øvrige

Budget: 4e+05


Address: Oslo