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Nordic Probabilistic AI Summer School


The Nordic Probabilistic AI School (ProbAI) will serve as state-of-the-art expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, attracting highly qualified lecturers, as well as students, academics and professionals engaged in the AI field. The motivation to organise the summer school stems from a wish to strengthen competences within probabilistic AI in Norway and create an arena for knowledge exchange between students, academics and professionals. As the academic level will be intermediate to advanced, application are open to anyone with a solid background in AI, typically someone with a PhD-level competences in computer science, mathematics, statistics etc. As of April 3, ten days before the deadline, we already have over 240 applicants from more than 25 countries of origin. With a maximum capacity of 150 students, we will select applicants based on their qualifications as well as on certain criteria of diversity, such as affiliation, gender and geographical spread. Our selected lecturers are world-leading reserachers in the domain of probabilistic AI. Confirmed lecturers are, among others, Thomas Lucas (Inria Grenoble, France), Arto Klami (University of Helsinki, Finland) Andrés Masegosa (University of Almería, Spain) Thomas Dyhre Nielsen (Aalborg University, Denmark) and Antonio Salmerón (University of Almería, Spain). In addition to these lecturers joining us from abroad, NTNU professors associated with the AI Lab will also give talks on their field of expertise. The intentionally small team of invited lecturers will cover our carefully designed curriculum. Through a tight cooperation between our lecturers, and through theoretical lectures and hands-on tutorials, we will to provide a high quality continuous and consistent knowledge transfer. In addition to lectures, we will organise several social and networking events during evenings. Due to a partnership with the French institute of Norway, one such event will have a French-Nordic theme.

Project leader: Herindrasana Ramampiaro

Started: 2019

Ends: 2019

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 1e+05

Institution: Institutt for datateknologi og informatikk

Address: Trondheim