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Environmentally friendly fungal disease management in protected crop production using plant genetic resources and sensor technology (END-IT)


The END-IT project addresses environmentally friendly production of tomato and strawberries with improved shelf life and enhanced consumer value. The project will expand the knowledge related to i) crop tolerance with wavelengths and dose ranges of optical environment effective to control a wide range of fungal diseases, ii) genes involved in induced systemic resistance that are regulated by optical radiation, and iii) the interaction between optical environment and the genes involved in antioxidant biosynthesis. Automated system will be developed, with artificial intelligence and advanced sensor technology, for timely identification of pathogen inoculum and on-site quantification of inoculum level. This will collectively constitute an optical crop treatment system that ensures sustainable, environmentally friendly crop production with improved crop yield of high quality, reduced waste, reduced use of fungicides and increased profitability to society. END-IT is a multi-actor project and comprises experts with complimentary competence in the plant-fungal biology, photobiology, molecular biology, sensor technology and automation, agriculture extension, economic analysis, and trade and industry partners. This ensures smooth transfer of the research outcomes to relevant industry. This will ensure responsible research and innovation with societal interests and will benefit the society.

Project leader: Aruppillai Suthaparan

Started: 2020

Ends: 2024

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 8e+06


Address: Ås