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ARTEMIS prosjekt R5COP, Reconfigurable ROS-based Resilient Reasoning Robotic Cooperating Systems


European manufacturing industry faces increasing product variances resulting as a consequence of frequent innovation, short product lifecycles, small series production, and shrinking production cycles. At the same time, production cost must be continuousl y reduced. Agile, transformable and re-usable automation and robotics is be a key enabler to manage those trends. However, few robotic components are designed for easy adaptation and reuse. To overcome those shortcomings, R5-COP focuses on agile manufact uring paradigms and specifically on modular robotic systems. Based on existing and newly developed methods for a formal modeling of hardware and software components, R5-COP will support model-based design, engineering, validation, and fast commissioning. Furthermore, using existing interface and middleware standards such as ROS, R5-COP will strongly facilitate integration of components from various suppliers. The proposed modular approach will not only be more flexible than state-of-the-art solutions,bu t will also reduce design, setup, and maintenance costs. Flexible use of robots naturally includes their close cooperation with humans. Therefore, robustness and safety are crucial requirements which will be assured by dedicated verification and validatio n methodologies. The formal specification framework will support component suppliers in efficiently verifying and certifying their modules. R5-COP will help to identify and develop reconfigurable key hardware and software components, and to show the feas ibility and capability of the approach in living labs in manufacturing and service demonstrator environment

Project leader: Aksel Andreas Transeth

Started: 2014

Ends: 2018

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 4576572


Address: Trondheim