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Criminal exposure in vulnerable areas


The overall aim of this project is to establish a thorough knowledgebase on the nationwide prevalence and development of concentration of multiple social problems in neighbourhoods, these areas' development and consequences for the inhabitants. A particular focus is on crime, and the concentrations of social problems combined with the presence of informal networks of offenders (or even more organized gangs) are often referred to as 'vulnerable areas', with the potential for developing even more serious social problems, related to sub-cultures of social excluded groups. We will analyse the dynamics of individuals' criminal careers (wp1), co-offending networks (wp2), how they are geographically connected, and the ways these networks affect and are affected by social neighbourhoods (wp3). The results from the project are expected to be directly informative for policy regarding urban development and area-based initiatives. The results will also be informative for the police by providing both analyses of crime patterns, offenders and networks, as well as putting these into local geographical context. This project will make use of standard Norwegian registerdata, but expanding by making use of less used police data with additional details and also utilizing less commonly used information on social ties and geographical locations. This will entails combining statistical techniques for panel data, social network analyses, geographical information system, and machine learning. Before data are collected, key analyses will be pre-registered at and updated with full code and documentation. We regard this as important part of method development in register-based social science by ensuring transparency and reproducibility, although the current system for access to register data poses particular challenges for exact reproducibility. In this way, the project will adhere to the highest methodological standards and research integrity.

Project leader: Torbjørn Skardhamar

Started: 2020

Ends: 2025

Category: Universiteter

Sector: UoH-sektor

Budget: 11415000

Institution: Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi

Address: Oslo