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PhD in Computational Geoscience


The proposed project is a four-year Ph.D. program at the Department of Energy Resources Engineering and the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University, United States. The main objective is to obtain significant new results from independent research within the field of computational geoscience. A milestone will be to pass the qualification examination and the Ph.D. project proposal defense after the first academic year. I will also remain affiliated with the Norwegian C omputing Center, where I am currently employed as a research scientist, during this period. The exact topic of the research project is not known yet. Since I have received a Fulbright Scholarship for the first academic year (2014-15), I am obliged to return to work in Norway for a minimum of two years after graduation in 2018. It would therefore be advantageous to work on a project which is relevant for contract research at the Norwegian Computing Center or that fits with the research opportunities at the University of Oslo or at NTNU.

Project leader: Erik Nesvold

Started: 2014

Ends: 2019

Category: Ukjent

Sector: Annet

Budget: 2342304.08

Institution: Erik Nesvold

Address: NA