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ECSEL Artificial Intelligence for Digitising Industry


AI4DI project goal is to develop a European AI-based technology platform for developing AI techniques and methods for electronic components and embedded systems for accelerating and supporting the process of digitizing European industry. The project investigates, develops and applies AI-based hardware/software modules, IoT/IIoT devices for real time sensing, actuating, connectivity, processing, AI tools, software and algorithms to different use cases across various industry sectors (semiconductor, automotive, food/beverage processing, mobility, machine manufacturing). In order to achieve this the AI4DI is addressing seven key targets (KTs) : KT1: Evolve a common AI method understanding for highly heterogeneous systems control and optimization (whole Factory processes including Logistics, Costs, AI-technology) KT2: Evolve a common AI method understanding for homogeneous systems control and optimization KT3: Evolve a common AI method understanding for Human Machine collaboration KT4: Develop AI for change detection - diagnostics of systems, security systems, systems aging/change of performance detection, distributed ledger (Blockchains) KT5: Develop distributed intelligence including machine learning, deep learning, multi-access edge computing and connectivity, system partitioning based on criticality KT6: Develop AI tools KT7: Develop AI Hardware and Software modules - components for sensing, actuating, connectivity, signal processing The Norwegian cluster activities' aim at combining real-time monitoring using IoT/IIoT devices and intelligent connectivity and apply AI techniques and methods to optimize manufacturing operations, to provide reference implementation concepts for to detect anomalies or similarities and to optimize parameters in manufacturing process as integrated part of digitizing industry applications. The work will support exploitation studies, business cases for those technologies and the contribution to the AI technology road mapping.

Project leader: Ovidiu Vermesan

Started: 2019

Ends: 2022

Category: Teknisk-industrielle institutter

Sector: Instituttsektor

Budget: 7934000


Address: Trondheim