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Improving Quality of Healthcare Welfare Technology Solutions in City of Oslo


We will improve the current and future testing practice at City of Oslo (CoO) for testing IoT-based healthcare welfare technology solutions (e.g., automatic medicine dispenser) that provide welfare services to citizens. The tangible outputs will be an advanced automated testing software and a state-of-the-art test execution infrastructure for testing welfare technology solutions (WTSs). The testing software will be an extension of the testing software developed in a European project U-Test, whereas test execution infrastructure will be developed from the scratch based on the needs of the WTSs at CoO and possibly other municipalities in Oslo/Akershus region. We aim to ensure that the WTSs provided by CoO to its citizens are functionally correct, secure, and do not violate privacy, thus significantly improving the quality of WTSs and their provided services. The deployment of the testing software tool and test execution infrastructure at the CoO will help testers to conduct testing in a more systematic and automated manner, thereby improving the overall productivity of testers at the CoO leading to increased testing efficiency. The proposed innovation is essential for the CoO and other municipalities since 1) the WTSs provide critical services to citizens with high demands on availability, security, and privacy, 2) new services provided by the WTSs are added continuously due to rapidly evolving requirements from citizens, 3) the complexity of WTSs in increasing, 4) integration of new services in the existing WTSs is complex, 5) new technologies are becoming available quickly due to high innovation rate. WTT4Oslo will ensure that WTSs are adaptive to future requirements and technologies. Thus, the WTSs will keep functioning correctly without violating any security and privacy concerns. The proposed software will be extensible and configurable such that we can use them to test welfare technologies in other municipalities in Norway with minimum effort.

Project leader: Stig Werner Amundsen

Started: 2020

Ends: 2024

Category: Øvrige offentlige

Sector: Øvrige

Budget: 5639000


Address: Oslo